Are Interesting People More Creative or Creative People More Interesting?

Are Interesting People More Creative or Creative People More Interesting?

It’s a question that’s popped up in my mind recently and I’ve tried to figure it out.

What attracts me to people? What makes them interesting? Usually it’s conversation around what they have done, where they have been, where they are going, what they have read, what they are feeling, or their different views on a variety of subjects.

In both cases the ‘interesting’ part comes from being curious. They are always questioning and searching for something beyond what they already know or are presently doing, etc.

In the case of an ‘interesting person’ they are regularly looking for enrichment, whether they are traveling, reading books on a variety of subjects … or trying out a new recipe, … or going to a transcendental meditation seminar … or a taking up boxing or learning Spanish at the age of 50, … they are trying and ‘doing’ and therefore, in my world, they are interesting. It’s about exploring the world around us and actually living in the present. Interesting people are not just alive, they are living. They’ve realised that there’s more to life than their phone.

‘Remember, tomorrow is promised to no-one.’ – Walter Payton

In the case of a ‘creative person’ they are constantly searching for inspiration. This comes to them in many forms. As a fine artist, photographer, sculptor, architect, composer, choreographer, songwriter, quilter, author etc, they are always looking and listening to life in more detail. Their blinkers are off. Everything and everyone could potentially become subject matter. They also reading, exploring different techniques and different cultures. They’re attending exhibitions, recitals, shows and demonstrations to experience different creatives’ work. They are constantly feeding their passion which drives them to experiment, play and push themselves. Often, creatives turn our world upside down, making us question it or look at life differently. They are not leading a mundane life. Sometimes their lives can be quite absurd and that’s really interesting!

In both cases, I have found, interesting people or creatives have an inherent desire to travel, to experience different cultures, histories, music, food, language, politics, traditions or natural phenomena. The world for them is bigger than their own address. Although often filled with pain and suffering, our world is also a source of wonder, but in both cases, inspirational and interesting.

‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!’ – Anon

So are interesting people more creative or creatives more interesting? I think they are one and the same. By just being curious, one is already interesting.

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“The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself,
so you better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.” – Anon

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