Art In The Park: April 2019

Art In The Park: April 2019

It was a glorious, windless summer’s day in Cape Town on Saturday 6 April 2019 – perfect for another Art In The Park (AITP) exhibition and an opportunity for In The Zone to market art classes, art parties and small team builds.

Our stall looked FAN-tastic, all thanks to Rose, who worked really hard making In The Zone’s ‘zone’ look awesome. Loads of people were interested in our classes and we even had some team build inquiries. Holding thumbs that these pan out.

There were lots of stalls all nestled under the huge dappling trees. Every kind of painting style was on offer. Meandering around and talking to some of the stallholders was inspiring as well as entertaining. It’s such a beautiful, relaxed environment to share with other creatives.

Here are a few AITP artists we’d love to share:

Names of artists have been hyperlinked to their websites. Unfortunately we could not find a link for Kim Bush.

Lynne Menge

Lynne’s stall was directly opposite In The Zone’s.

Lynne paints mainly abstract, but does dabble in some scenery. She is now adding silicone oil to her acrylics for a special ‘bubble’ effect which seems to suit her seascapes.

Lindsay Page-Macdonald

Lindsay uses rust-red underpaint and a rich palette of colours. Lindsay was had a very successful day.

Mariaan du Plooy

Mariaan likes to paint ‘everyday’ scenes which make you feel like you’re right there, in the painting. She has an interesting technique, by fuzzing the edges, her paintings seem to be slightly out of focus and gentle. Mariaan has a great sense of colour.

Kim Bush

Kim has a soft, subtle and whimsical style. It’s very painterly and her use of highlights is well executed.

Art In The Park was a great day out for both artists, buyers and anyone interested in art. Some artists were more successful than others, but the experience for all, was extremely rewarding.

Here’s to the next Art In The Park – See you there!

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  • “I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free.” – Georgio O’Keeffe

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NOTE: We would like to state that we are not professional art critics! We, love all kinds of art and we love to share our experiences, picks and preferences and make comments on them.

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