FynArts: Ceramics

FynArts: Ceramics

I think the ceramics exhibition at the Windsor Hotel, in Hermanus, was one of the best exhibitions overall at the FynArts Festival, 2019.

Ceramics, for me, is a funny thing: I either love it or it just doesn’t float my boat, but I was completely enthralled with all the work displayed on this particular exhibition. There was traditional, contemporary, sculptural and quirky, and every piece was engaging in its own unique way.

Various ‘heads’ by artist: Dianne Heesom-Green

Dianne must have had about 30 different, old, young, funky, raging, serious, laughing, … and every other emotion, balled up in unusual ceramic heads. Each was the size of a fist and I found them to be absolutely off-beat, but in a good way, and I really wanted one!

(Left) Pride Moyo – ‘Boys on a Bench / (Middle) Johan Swart – ‘Icon Bowl’
(Right) Katja Abbaott – ‘ Toth & Morris’

The two sets of figurines and bowl were charming – beautifully captured in a very organic way, as one could see and feel where the artists’ laid their hands as they pinched and prodded the clay.

(Left) Eunice Botes – ‘The Kingfisher in die Bushveld’ / (Middle) Tania Babb – ‘Mother & Child’
(Right) Charmaine Haines – ‘Abstract Head with Fish’

These three pieces represented the more illustrative ceramics and all three were rendered in completely different techniques. Eunice’s kingfisher was exquisitely ‘drawn’ in detail while Tania’s quirky, almost child-like rendering of her figure put a smile on my face, and in strong contrast, Charmaine’s was very stylised and Picasso-esque.

This exhibition was definitely worth walking through the chilly, winter wind to the Windsor Hotel for. It seemed to be very popular and one had to be careful not to knock over a piece with a loose handbag as certain areas were quite tight with people and artworks. It’s definitely going to be on my radar next year and I’ll make a concerted effort to attend again. I think after enjoying this exhibition as much as I did, I might have changed my interest in ceramics from a love/hate relationship to a LOVE LOVE one!

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  • “Life is raw material. We are artisans. We can sculpt our existence into something beautiful, or debase it into ugliness. It’s in our hands.” – Cathy Better

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NOTE: We would like to state that we are not professional art critics! We, love all kinds of art and we love to share our experiences, picks and preferences and make comments on them.

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