Good Art Company, Texas

Good Art Company, Texas

The Good Art Company can be found in Fredericksburg, in the Hill Country, Texas. This particular gallery housed an eclectic mix of paintings, from super realism to abstract, all of which I liked. Most of the paintings were large, bold and brilliant! 🙂

Names of artists have been hyperlinked for more information about the artist.

Noah Desmond
(Left) – ‘Nature’s Retreat’ – Oil on Canvas
(Right) – ‘ Changing Seas’ – Oil on Canvas

Noah’s large oils were captivating. His brush and palette knife strokes are loose, spontaneous, and confident and his treatment of light interesting. I absolutely loved his use of colour and mark-making.

Anne-Marie Kornachuck
(Left) – ‘Great Expectations’ – Oils
(Right) – ‘Leaving Eden: We Don’t Ride Them Anymore’ – Oils

Anne-Marie’s horses are painted with love. One can almost smell them or hear them nay. According to the gallery’s website, Anne-Marie is well known for painting horses to exact scale by photographing and measuring each subject herself. She also uses traditional painting techniques.

(Left) – Niki Gulley ‘Visions of Wild Flowers ll’ – Oils on Canvas
(Right) – Robin Hegemeier‘Drought Resistant’ – Mixed Media

Niki’s impressionistic version of wild flowers was alive with colour – rich, lush and verdant, while Robin’s take on succulents was more graphic and controlled, rendered in softer, greyer hues. The subjects and styles were almost opposite but yet, even when put side by side (as above), they complement each other. It was interesting to note that artists in South Africa paint similar scenes in similar techniques, yet they live miles and miles away from these two ladies.

Tamara White
(Left) – ‘Top of the Morning to You’ – Oils on Canvas
(Right) – ‘White Raft’ – Oils on Canvas

Now for something completely different, and one of my other favs! – Tamara White. Her award-winning abstract paintings can be found in corporate settings and in homes around the world. I absolutely loved her thick, … very thick use of oils and textures – I had to hold myself back from reaching out and touching them. Although simple to look at, they are completely captivating. I wanted to look at every mark she made.

The Good Art Company certainly lives up to its name. I thoroughly enjoyed the big open spaces and large pieces of artwork, mostly modern, and of a very high standard. This gallery is definitely a must-see if you’re in Fredericksburg.

For more info about this gallery: CLICK HERE

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  • “You can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not understand that imagination is a value in itself.” â€“ Milan Kundera (Czech-born French writer )

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NOTE: We would like to state that we are not professional art critics! We, love all kinds of art and we love to share our experiences, picks and preferences and make comments on them.

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