In the Zone at the Constantia Gift Fair

In the Zone at the Constantia Gift Fair

In the Zone bought a stall at the Constantia Gift Fair to market our new business.

With the help of friends with trucks, and others with muscle, we managed to move our studio to the site.  We hoisted furniture up and down stairs, packed and unpacked, set up shop, hung paintings, drank tea and worked hard! It was worth every drop of sweat. We think our stall looked absolutely crazy-fab awesome!


After flopping into bed exhausted, we were up early and ready, meeting people face to face and sharing In The Zone with anyone who was interested. We handed out flyers, talked to strangers (Oh my gosh – Was it terrifying? But it became easier every day!), and we met some wonderful, friendly stall owners.

Come Friday afternoon, In The Zone facilitated children’s art classes, which was the best thing we ever did. The crowds were amazed at the quality of the kids’ paintings – We never touch their work. Every student (child or adult) goes home with an acrylics-on-canvas painting that is 100% theirs!


Our 1-hour, project-based, art classes for kids during the fair went down like a treat. Parents and grandparents could browse and shop in peace, while their creative darlings were painting up a storm at the In The Zone tent!

Some of the projects were:

  • Trees
  • Owls
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Masked Name graphics
  • Bugs
  • ‘Picasso’ portraits
  • Hearts
  • Ice Creams etc – See below for photos of their paintings.

People were really interested in our new venture and our own artwork. Rose sold 2 x mosaic garden games and Kim sold 2 paintings. We were both very chuffed. In The Zone also sold gift vouchers for art lessons as well as creative gift hampers.

Every day Rose & Kim completed the day with a California Steam craft beer. After a long day standing and smiling and chatting and organising children, those beers were well received! 😊 And Kim’s dad popped in to give us some positive support too!

The Constantia Gift Fair is extremely well run and hats off to everyone involved to making it such a success. It runs like a well-oiled machine. If possible, In The Zone hopes to be back next year, with lots of new, fun painting projects.

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  • ‘Creative without strategy is called art – Creative with strategy is called advertising.’ – Prof Jef I. Richards

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Examples of their work:








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