Investec CT Art Fair 2019: Construction

Investec CT Art Fair 2019: Construction

We were extremely impressed and blown away with some of the unusual ‘construction’ artwork displayed at the Investec Art Fair 2019. Our choice of the word ‘construct’ conveys that the artwork was made up of every-day items but when a creative brain gets hold of them, transforms them into something quite extraordinary.

We have chosen 3 artists to showcase:

Note: All their names are hyperlinked if you want to read more about them or see more of their work.

A. Lebohang Motaung (South African)

Lebohang, a hairdresser and fine artist, works and resides in Gauteng, South Africa. We were both captivated by the intricate detailing of Lebohang’s pieces made entirely from hair. The textures she created in her portraits and other works were delicate and tactile. She has such empathy with her medium. The impression created was surreal, one could almost reach out and touch the skin, only to find it was a raw canvas. The work below is entitled ‘Formation’.

B. Chris Soal (South African)

Chris lives and works in Johannesburg and his works are more sculptural. He constructed his large wall hanging, ‘Kids see ghosts sometimes”,  entirely from toothpicks, which spills down over the floor, … and it’s not small – 1750 x 1950mm. It was absolutely fascinating and it reminded us of a spikey-like coral as it ‘moved and undulated’ from one curve to another.

C. Pierre Fouche (South African)

Pierre lives and works in Cape Town. His work titled ‘Net Ons’ intrigued us as we weren’t quite sure, from a distance, if it was a painting or not, but on closer inspection, we were completely played. His entire ‘painting’ was not a painting at all but rather a construction of hundreds and hundreds of dice strategically placed and glued on to aluminium to create this masterpiece. It’s not a small piece either at 2500 x 2000mm. As one moved in front of this piece, at a certain distance, it seemed to pixelate, but only from being really close or really far away from it does it come into focus. On close one is concentrating on the two colours of dice and from far the entire image.

We have only just realised that our 3 top picks for this particular blog ALL happened to be South African. WAY TO GO South Africa! It was not intentional at all. South Africa really has an abundance of super-creative people that can stand tall among the best in the world.

NOTE: Feature photograph is a close up of Lebohang’s ‘Formation’

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  • “I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.” – Pablo Picasso

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NOTE: We would like to state that we are not professional art critics! We, love all kinds of art and we love to share our experiences, picks and preferences and make comments on them.

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