Investec Art Fair 2020: Beach Blues

Investec Art Fair 2020: Beach Blues

This is our second blog on the Investec Art Fair 2020 in Cape Town. The theme I have chosen for this one is Beach Blues – showcasing artists who have chosen the beach or water as their subject matter. As a ‘beach’ artist myself, I was automatically drawn to these.


Our feature painting (above) “Sink or Swim” – Kirsten Sims – is full of humour. It had me giggling and searching for more laughs in all the characters. The hot colour palette was also very interesting, while the loose, free-flowing brushtrokes added to the playfulness of this painting. On sale at the show for R51 750 including VAT.


I think South African artist, Kirsten Beets may be my favourite artist at present. Her work is so different and so beautifully presented. As a visual communications expert, I really appreciate her painstaking detail to framing, styling and exhibiting her work – a true professional.

Her work is simple yet complex. Her backgrounds are flat, pale baby blue, yet her people are detailed and carefully rendered. It’s fresh. It’s fun. It’s new! My only complaint was – no titles, no descriptions, no pricing. Her work can be found at Salon 91, Kloof Street, Cape Town.


British artist (now residing in Cape Town) had me at BLUE! He can certainly mix just the right blue/green for seas – simple, captivating, wonderful. His paintings are either thick and almost 3D with loaded paint, or smooth and calm – almost like he had one pull of silkscreen squeegee across a board.

These particular paintings weren’t big, approximately A2 in size but they felt huge – you could hear the sea roar.


Antoine Rose is Belgian and he’s a self-taught photographer. His recent works are mostly focusing on graphic, colourful aerial views of life around us.

His prints are massive. This one, above, (with 2 closeups) is 1760 x 1330 called “Black Tuesday” – They seem to be printed behind glass or adhered to glass in some way. I was intrigued by the view, but confused by the glass – the shiny, reflective, very flat surface is everything that the beach is not.

I love beach or sea artworks. These 4 artists were so different, I had to share.

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  • β€œThe ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” β€“ Wyland

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NOTE: We would like to state that we are not professional art critics! We, love all kinds of art and we love to share our experiences, picks and preferences and make comments on them.

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