Investec CT Art Fair 2019: Painting

Investec CT Art Fair 2019: Painting

Oh my word, there were so many paintings, and amazing paintings at that, at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair! Every type of painting you could possibly imagine was on display: from monotone washes, to thick, colourful, tactile impasto paintings, from super realism to far-out abstract. One could have been quite discombobulated with all the visual splendour.


Note: All their names are hyperlinked if you want to read more about them or see more of their work.

A. Madsaki (Japan)

Initially you may have been fooled by Madsaki’s work, thinking it was chalk pastel or charcoal, but on closer inspection of ‘Casablanca ll (inspired by Michael Curtis)’, we realised it was acrylic paint (in aerosol) on canvas. The mark making was fluid and the use of tones, to create mood, was incredible. The size of this work: 1400 x 1000mm

B. Omar BA (Senegalese)

Although he uses a limited palette, Omar’s work is rich in textures and colours. In ‘Silhouette Sans Epaisseur 2’ he painted the lower half of a person dressed in loose, blue shorts and running shoes. The main shapes are flat and graphic, yet the background is richly textured. It’s rendered in acrylic, gouache, oil and pencil on canvas: 1000 x 1750mm.

‘To Believe in Something’, has been created in the same medium as as the previous work. In this one, Omar has chosen to paint 3 figurines. On some research, it’s understood that Omar is inspired by African folklore, colonial oppression and civil war. We both could feel and sense that this piece was inspired by Africa as the faces were reminiscent of African masks. Again the background was richly textured.

C. Ablade Glover (Ghanaian)

In Ablade’s ‘Marketplace E15/E16’ we were instantly drawn to his adept use of colour (oil on canvas) that was highly textural and detailed. His paint is thickly applied – almost imagined he painted directly from the tube, squeezing blobs of paint onto to the canvas then dragging and twisting the tube to break off the supply. We may be wrong – very wrong, but that’s what it looked like. His paintings must take hours, as there are thousands of people portrayed in this market scene, which one can see more clearly when up close, but from afar, it’s a cornucopia of colour and more colour. Love love loved it! ♥ Size: Approx 1220 x 1220mm.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to showcase everyone’s paintings. We have only chosen 3 that particular caught our eye. There were so many more, well deserving, interesting and inspiring ones. The offerings definitely solidified the notion that to paint, is to live and to live, is to paint! Can’t wait to put the overalls back on again and return to the studio.

NOTE: Feature photograph is a close up of Karlien de VilliersPussyfooting Around’

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  • “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”Edward Hopper

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NOTE: We would like to state that we are not professional art critics! We, love all kinds of art and we love to share our experiences, picks and preferences and make comments on them.

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